Quick inline widget example for v6?


Could anyone please make or point to an example on how to insert inline widgets with v6?

I’m making an editor where the user can insert a number of data placeholder tags from a dropdown.

Along the lines of this: Codemirror Inline React Component Widgets (forked) - CodeSandbox (I’ll be using vue-codemirror, not React, but a vanilla JS example would be very much appreciated)

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help :heart:

The decoration example does this.

Thanks @marijn, I actually had a look at that example but for some reason didn’t connect that I could use it as a starting point.

I find the design principles / coding style and documentation for v6 very verbose and hard to follow at times, so I really appreciate all practical v6 examples you have made (and will perhaps make more of in the future).

Many thanks again for what seems like an absolute massive amount of work invested in the making and documenting of this library.