React Codemirror 6 Tooltip Issues

Has anyone had any issues with the newest version, version 0.19.0, of hoverTooltip. All of my other extensions run and work just as intended, but for some reason, hoverTooltip is the only one that doesn’t show. I am not sure if it is possibly an issue with using it in React or the package itself, but even the posted example on the main site doesn’t work. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I am kinda at a standstill with this, as not so much as a console log will run when hovering over an item in the code editor.

Do you mean that CodeMirror Tooltip Example doesn’t work for you? It seems functional for me.

Correct. I have been trying to figure out if it is just my React configuration or if something else is going on. It is even more puzzling because items like linter are working just fine, it just seems that hoverTooltip is just not working. I was curious if anyone had used it specifically in React, as it may be an issue with how I am mounting the component once the editorView is created. Basically, the way I have it is a function that creates the EditorView and the editorView, once created, gets attached to a shadow root of the div that holds our code editor. If code snippets are need for clarification, I can append those.