Regex for keyword hints in simplemode

Hi, I’m trying to use autocomplete on a list of hint words with simple mode, however the regex to match 0 or infinite characters causes the error: Mode simplemode failed to advance stream. If I remove []* from the regex then the error does not occur, but then the hints will only appear when 0 or 1 characters have been typed, whereas I want the hint to appear no matter how many characters have been typed.

The regex I’m using is
{ regex: /[(?:send the|buy the|check the)]*\b/i, token: "keyword" }

Here’s a codepen of the error, which occurs if you try to type Buy the second, having used autocomplete for Buy the.


Modes don’t really produce hints, so I’m not sure how hints come into this. But yes, if your mode keeps on matching nothing and calling it a token, that’d be an infinite loop, and the editor will abort it.