Release 5.12.0

New features

Vim bindings: Ctrl-Q is now an alias for Ctrl-V.

Vim bindings: The Vim API now exposes an unmap method to unmap bindings.

active-line addon: This addon can now style the active line’s gutter.

FCL mode: Newly added.

SQL mode: Now has a Postgresql dialect.


Fix issue where trying to scroll to a horizontal position outside of the document’s width could cause the gutter to be positioned incorrectly.

Use absolute, rather than fixed positioning in the context-menu intercept hack, to work around a problem when the editor is inside a transformed parent container.

Solve a problem where the horizontal scrollbar could hide text in Firefox.

Fix a bug that caused phantom scroll space under the text in some situations.

Sublime Text bindings: Bind delete-line to Shift-Ctrl-K on OS X.

Markdown mode: Fix issue where the mode would keep state related to fenced code blocks in an unsafe way, leading to occasional corrupted parses.

Markdown mode: Ignore backslashes in code fragments.

Markdown mode: Use whichever mode is registered as text/html to parse HTML.

Clike mode: Improve indentation of Scala => functions.

Python mode: Improve indentation of bracketed code.

HTMLMixed mode: Support multi-line opening tags for sub-languages (<script>, <style>, etc).

Spreadsheet mode: Fix bug where the mode did not advance the stream when finding a backslash.

XML mode: The mode now takes a matchClosing option to configure whether mismatched closing tags should be highlighted as errors.