Release 5.15.0

Nothing spectacular in this release, just slow improvement. You can get the zip file or read the commits.


Fix bug that caused the selection to reset when focusing the editor in contentEditable input mode.

Fix issue where not all ASCII control characters were being replaced by placeholders.

Remove the assumption that all modes have a startState method from several wrapping modes.

Fix issue where the editor would complain about overlapping collapsed ranges when there weren’t any.

Optimize document tree building when loading or pasting huge chunks of content.

markdown mode: Fix several issues in matching link targets.

clike mode: Improve indentation of C++ template declarations.

New features

Explicitly bind Ctrl-O on OS X to make that binding (“open line”) act as expected.

Pasting linewise-copied content when there is no selection now inserts the lines above the current line.

javascript mode: Support async/await and improve support for TypeScript type syntax.

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There was a very awful bug (document corruption during routine use) in 5.15.0, which is fixed in the 5.15.2 I just released.