Release 5.18.0


Your monthly CodeMirror release is out. This one is mostly uneventful. One thing to watch out for is that if you’re using the Jade/Pug templating mode, you have to load it as mode/pug/pug.js instead of mode/jade/jade.js now.

Release notes:


Make sure gutter backgrounds stick to the rest of the gutter during horizontal scrolling.

The contenteditable inputStyle now properly supports pasting on pre-Edge IE versions.

javascript mode: Fix some small parsing bugs and improve TypeScript support.

matchbrackets addon: Fix bug where active highlighting was left in editor when the addon was disabled.

match-highlighter addon: Only start highlighting things when the editor gains focus.

javascript-hint addon: Also complete non-enumerable properties.

New features

The addOverlay method now supports a priority option to control the order in which overlays are applied.

MIME types that end in +json now default to the JSON mode when the MIME itself is not defined.

Breaking changes

The mode formerly known as Jade was renamed to Pug.

The Python mode now defaults to Python 3 (rather than 2) syntax.