Release 5.21.0

Out now. Featuring some fixes in contentEditable handling which should provide a significant improvement on Chrome Android, and a bunch of other small improvements.

You can get it from NPM, as a zip file, or read through the patches.

Bug fixes

Tapping/clicking the editor in contentEditable mode on Chrome now puts the cursor at the tapped position.

Fix various crashes and misbehaviors when reading composition events in contentEditable mode.

Catches and ignores an IE ‘Unspecified Error’ when creating an editor in an iframe before there is a <body>.

merge addon: Fix several issues in the chunk-aligning feature.

verilog mode: Rewritten to address various issues.

julia mode: Recognize Julia 0.5 syntax.

swift mode: Various fixes and adjustments to current syntax.

markdown mode: Allow lists without a blank line above them.

New features

The setGutterMarker, clearGutter, and lineInfo methods are now available on Doc objects.

The heightAtLine method now takes an extra argument to allow finding the height at the top of the line’s line widgets.

ruby mode: else and elsif are now immediately indented.

vim bindings: Bind Ctrl-T and Ctrl-D to in- and dedent in insert mode.