Request for integration help

Hello. I am struggling to integrate CodeMirror into an existing application. I want to provide advanced SQL editor to users. Among the problems I am having -

  • Syntax highlighting is not happening
  • in SQL gets converted to > when application gets user’s SQL from CM

THANKS for any tips!

Correction: > in SQL gets converted to & g t ;

Check whether you have loaded mode/sql/sql.js, before creating the editor, and set the mode option correctly.

The HTML escaping (>) isn’t done by CodeMirror. That’s happening in some other layer of your application.

Hello and thanks for the reply. Please see (screenshot) for confirmation that sql.js is loaded and to get an idea of the application. My initialization for CodeMirror is defined in Many thanks if you can tell me what I’m doing wrong.

x-sql is not a mode. Use sql.

Will do. Many thanks.

Greetings. I changed the mode to sql and now the constants and comments have a color but the keywords do not. There is a screen shot at

Thanks in advance for further guidance.