Resizing Codemirror 6

Hey, I couldn’t find any way to make the codemirror 6 resizable by a user, like a textarea or a codemirror 5. Is there a possibility to do this?

CodeMirror 5 doesn’t provide any specific features for this either. You should be able to style the outer (.cm-editor) element with a resize CSS property and then arrange for view.scheduleMeasure() to be called when it is actually resized so that it can update its internal layout.

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Hmm, I tried to do what you said (was my first idea as well), but neither got the resize indicator to show in your example or in my project when giving it the property while invoking it. Maybe I am still missing something. In the codemirror 5 example I got it to work.

After also setting overflow: 'hidden';, it is now working!