[Resolved] Always show line numbers in gutter

Is there a way to always show grayed out line numbers in the gutter even if there is no content on those lines? Lines with content would have a solid line number.

I guess I’d have to add a custom gutter/line number implementation to get this working.

You can style the line number gutter with addLineClass, and an addon could monitor which lines are empty and add a specific class to their gutter.

My requirement is that if I have a 20-line high editor that has no content in it, all the line numbers are still shown on it (not just line 1). Right now we’ve worked around this by inserting 20 new lines into the editor.

Thanks for the response, btw! :smiley:

Nevermind; convinced our PMs that this was a silly request and is non-idiomatic with IDEs. :smiley: