RTL support per block in mixed rtl/ltr content

Currently codemirror (I’m talking about v6) supports RTL at global level. I mean you can make the whole editor direction RTL.
As for the markdown language, its good to have partial RTL support. By partial I mean per block not on the whole editor. For example if we have STH like this in markdown:

- List 1
- شماره ۲

I think full RTL support means to render it in html like this:

<div class="cm-activeLine cm-line"><span class="ͼm">-</span> List 1</div>
<div class="cm-line" dir="rtl"><span class="ͼm">-</span> شماره ۲</div></div>

Does this make sense? Is it acceptable if I create a merge request to implement this?
It seems that obsidian uses codemirror and I want better RTL support there, But I’m not sure that where is the root cause.