is there/will there be an equivalent extension for the scrollpastend add-on from cm5?

If you know the distance you want to add (for example when your editor has a specific fixed height), you could just add that as padding-bottom to the .cm-content style. There’s not currently an extension that computes this automatically, and I’m not entirely sure yet that this is a useful thing.

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This came up again in another context, so @codemirror/view 0.19.2 adds a scrollPastEnd export.


Should scrollPastEnd also adjust the gutter minHeight?
Or would I need to implement that separately?
A config option perhaps?

I think the gutter should automatically adjust to the editor height already (though maybe that’s only the case since d6a1cfc62be in @codemirror/gutter 0.19.3).

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ah yes - updating to the latest versions helped.
There seems a small bug.

The gutters minHeight isn’t correct on first load.
If I scroll in the above example without typing anything I see a cut off on the gutter.
As soon as I type something the gutter minHeight gets set correctly.

Ah, indeed, that was another bug in the gutter package. 0.19.4 should fix it.