Search adjustment for autocomplete

Thanks for exellent plugin!
My question:
how can I to adjust only full string matching search for autocomplete? without searching by single symbol
I use Vue.js

Hi, there,
I would like to clarify my question.
When I am typing the some word in the my textarea html-element so many items in the autocomplete list is appeared.

The first item (or line) fully corresponds to the typed filter, it is Ok. But subsequent elements do not contain a search substring, but was found only by single characters search (characters from the typed word). I wish such irrelevant items would not appear in the suggestion autocomplete (screen1.png).

and, accordingly, in the case of absence of a full matching, do not show the suggestion autocomplete list (screen2.png).

How do I set it up?

I think this patch adds the feature you are asking for. Does it look right?

Thanks you!
it looks right

I updated the plugin:
npm i @codemirror/autocomplete

and I have applied new option:

  • {*
  •   override: [some_function],*
  •   filterStrict: true*
  • }*

and I didn’t get the effect I wanted.
What is wrong? How can I applied this patch?

The patch hadn’t been released yet. I’ve just tagged @codemirror/autocomplete 6.15.0

All is works good now! Feature was applied
Thank you very much

Hi, there!

I would like to expand the filter -
Is it possible to search for a match not only at the beginning of words, but also inside it when filtering suggestion autocomplete?


No, that’s not something that’s possible with this module.

I have to clarify by images

I would like the line from the first picture to also be covered by the case in the second picture.

Is it possible?