Setting a keymap for Windows and Mac

I am trying to set up a keyboard shortcut that should work both on windows and mac keyboards, So far, the thing I set up works only on Mac (kinda expected since it only specifies Cmd button):

	{ key: 'Cmd-Shift-z', run: redo },

So I have 2 questions regarding this:

  1. Can a single keymap cover both Cmd on Mac and Ctrl on Windows as the same button?
  2. All examples that I found for keymaps are using upper case letters, but my setup is not working for Z, only for z. Any idea why?


Yes, see the platform-specific properties on the Keybinding type.

Which examples are those? Because that is not how this library works.

Damn, I should’ve just read the keybinding section till the end :man_facepalming:
Thanks @marijn, using Mod-is the way to go here and also uppercase letter, since shift is used.