Should I use ProseMirror or CodeMirror?

I am looking at making a WYSIWYM Markdown Editor. I have experimented a bit with decorators on CodeMirror, and I do believe I can make a editor with it, but I just recently found about HyperMD(CodeMirror 5 implementation of WYSIWYM Editor, no longer maintained), and the ProseMirror, so I have certain concerns.

Should I just use ProseMirror? I don’t think so as it doesn’t seem as extensible, it seems a lot like a drop and be done with it editor, which is not what I am looking for. For example I can’t editor a multi line code block.

Is ProseMirror somewhat compatible with CodeMirror code? I also don’t think so this is much of the case, as I wan’t able to find any CodeMirror references.

Can I use parts of ProseMirror in CodeMirror?

I know this might sound kind of dumb I just need to conform.

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This rather sounds like you didn’t read anything about ProseMirror.

No, it’s a different project with a different API.

I glanced over the documentation and you’r probably right. I will look more into the documentation. Thanks.