show location of matched search query in scrollbar?

Hi! I see there’s a highlightSelectionMatches extension that highlights all the matched selections. Is there a way to also highlight the location of the matched selections in the scrollbar too? Like how other editors such VSCode or Sublime Text would show highlighted spots on the scrollbar?

did more digging and it seems like v5 had a annotateScrollbar addon. Was this ported over in v6?

No, not yet. Annotating the scrollbar, as such, is problematic because scrollbar type and width varies hugely (and often unpredictably) across platforms. But an addon that overlays markers a few pixels wide on the right side of the editor should be very doable.

However, the search addon does not eagerly collect all matches (for performance reasons), so it currently doesn’t have the information needed to create such markers.

i see… thank you!