Showcase: CodeMirror 6 on Step CI

I’d like to showcase you our Demo Editor, made with CodeMirror 6

We’re developing an open-source API-Testing framework and now offer an interactive demo on our website!

Feel free to give us feedback:


Here’s a close-up of the editor in Light and Dark variants (we use CSS variables to achieve that!)

For the rest of the website we use Nuxt 3. Vue works surprisingly well with CodeMirror 6 and integrating it was easy thanks to the amazing documentation and examples

We’re looking forward to extend the demo editor with some cool features like highlighting results (in code) and autocompletion

Hello, it’s so impressive that you worked!

Can you guide me to use codemirror on Nuxt3? Now I’m trying to use this library on my Nuxt3 project, but I have difficulty to use it …

Hopefully can get your reply… Thanks!