Smooth cursor movement in CM6 and 5

In CM6, it’s very easy to have smooth cursor since the cursor HTML element is persisted:

However, in CM5, the cursor element(s) is not persisted, so we can’t use CSS transition to have smooth cursor:

My question is does anyone have a hint how to have smooth cursor in CM5? I’d be more than happy to upgrade to CM6, but our business relies heavily on the vim mode which is not yet available in CM6

You could try to apply the same approach (reuse of cursor elements) to the CM5 codebase, and submit a pull request.

Thank you :smiley: I’m looking into that then.

One question if you don’t mind, I couldn’t find the source code of CM6 :frowning: is it no longer open sourced? The repo only has issues and some scripts afaik

You’ll find the source for each @codemirror/… package under

oh thank you I see them now!

The code in CM6 is really good btw. I’m starting to afraid I can’t PR the same for CM5 :sweat_smile: