Socket implementation of Collab package

I struggled for a long time trying to implement the collab example with sockets and react-codemirror but finally succeeded in doing so.

I just wanted to publish my work here in case anyone else was having difficulties doing the same so that they could possibly stumble upon this in the future.

Check out the code here.

If you have any questions, just post an issue here or on Github.

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I also implemented cursors and SharedEffects. View the cursors branch to see the implementation.


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This is excellent–thank you for sharing your work. It’s very helpful!

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No problem, I’m happy to be of help to anyone. I needed this for another project,
so I might as well make it so that people can improve and make it better.

Additionally, I actually developed a way of having multiple documents at once, hosted on the server.

The code is under the branch multi-docs. Below is a video of it in action. I also made usernames appear for it also.

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I saw that–something I was (am) currently working on myself. Also, using redis instead of map so that the back end can be scalable behind a load balancer.

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Awesome! Good luck with implementing, if you find any optimizations, bugs, or better ways of doing things, please let me know!