Some questions about highlighting tags

I didn’t feel like these questions/requests/nitpicks deserve to be individual Github issues, so I’ll ask them here:

  1. Are highlighting tags that are ‘children’ of other tags supposed to cascade their styles?
    I ask this because if you were to style t.content, afaik that rule will not style t.emphasis unless there is no style given for t.emphasis. I feel conflicted about this behavior, but at the same time I also like the ability to give specificity within a theme.

  2. In the Markdown grammar, shouldn’t all plain text be given the t.content tag? Currently, this doesn’t appear to be the case. Perhaps a “default scope” could be provided for a grammar?

  3. More of a request: Maybe there should be a specific highlighting tag for HTML/XML node tags? This is seen in quite a few other editors, and I personally prefer having a separate color for “types” (like in TS) and “tags” (like in HTML or generic markup).

No, the most specific one is picked.

Maybe. Probably. But I’ll have to change the parser to support this.

Would a subtype of typeName work for you? I kind of want to keep the amount of tags that a highlighter has to style to get reasonable highlighting to a minimum.

That feels reasonable to me. In-fact, that solution feels like the ‘correct’ one, because tags are ‘types’, just a ‘different’ kind of type.