SQL commenting


I’m using Brackets which implements CodeMirror. An issue was raised within Brackets that when commenting using “–” it will only be commented if a space is followed like so "-- ". Otherwise it will not become a comment.

– This is a comment
–This is not a comment

I looked through the code in /mode/sql/sql.js and found a flag called “commentSpaceRequired”. Is this working as intended or can I create a pull request for a fix for this issue?

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This was introduced in patch 0db3c6f4cd54, I assume because some SQL dialects don’t treat this as a comment when there’s no space. Do you know which SQL dialect Brackets is using?

Aha, I see… I regretfully have no clue which dialect Brackets use. I guess this is something that should be treated as an exception in Brackets then…
Thanks for quick info!