SQL dialects never throws errors

Hi, i’m trying to use SQL dialects but it seems that the parsers (all the dialects) NEVER set isError to true when i write something like

Select *; foo;

This is a clear syntax error in every SQL dialects but the NodeType inside the enter() never has isError to true.
How do i know if the parsing failed?

this is my usage:
(value is a state variable inside a react component, it has the right content)

function lintExample(view: EditorView): readonly Diagnostic[] {
        const diagnostics: Diagnostic[] = [];
            <SQLDialect>.language.parser.configure({strict: true}).parse(value).iterate({
                enter: (type, from, to) => {
                    if (type.isError) {
                            severity: "error",
                            message: ""+type.isError,

        }catch (e){
                from: 0,
                to: value.length,
                severity: "error",
                message: "CRITICAL ERROR"

        return diagnostics;

“”+type.isError is only for debug purpose

Yes, this is by design—because SQL dialects are all complicated, huge, and incompatible with each other, the SQL language package does only a very superficial parse, recognizing tokens and matching brackets, so you can’t really use its syntax tree for anything advanced.

Neither the standard SQL (if there is any) parser does it?

There is no @lezer/sql package, and the @codemirror/lang-sql dialects all use the simple tokenizer.