Start in Vim insert mode by default.

Hi there!
I am making Online PHP Debugger using Vim mod (keymap/vim.js).
But I want it to start with insert mode instead of command mode by default.
Could you please tell me how to do that?
Thank you.

Hi, I came across the same question and didn’t find a way to configure the desired behavior. However a little patch just does the job. Add the following line at the end of the enterVimMode function in vim.js:

      actions['enterInsertMode'](cm, {insertAt: 'inplace'}, cm.state.vim);
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Thanks for posting that @jecb

Looks like that fix still works for me too…

I tried many iterations of things like:

var MyEditor = CodeMirror.fromTextArea(targetTextArea, {
    vimMode: true,
    keyMap: "vim-insert",
CodeMirror.signal(MyEditor, "vim-mode-change", {mode: "insert"});
MyEditor.setOption('keyMap', 'vim-insert')

But I couldn’t get an of these to work…

I followed @jecb instructions and edited vim.js, and it works great… insert mode by default, but back to normal vim mode when you hit escape:

    function enterVimMode(cm) {
      cm.setOption('disableInput', true);
      cm.setOption('showCursorWhenSelecting', false);
      CodeMirror.signal(cm, "vim-mode-change", {mode: "normal"});
      cm.on('cursorActivity', onCursorActivity);
      CodeMirror.on(cm.getInputField(), 'paste', getOnPasteFn(cm));

      # begin added line...
      actions.enterInsertMode(cm, {insertAt: 'inplace'}, cm.state.vim);
      # end added line

Also found this github issue about changing to vim mode with “setOption” but doesn’t seem to work for setting the vim mode…