stream.match and regex groups

I’m writing a new mode for the SAS language and it has a line comment structure that goes from * to ;. This comment style can’t span lines.

This regular expression correctly identifies all the comments in a block of code but I can’t figure out how to correctly return the comment style to the comment part
Here is the code I’m using to try and match the SAS code below.

if (stream.match(/(?:^|[;]\s*)(\*.*?)/)) {
  return "comment";

Here is some example SAS code:
* this is a comment;
data a; * also a comment;
x*y; a third comment comment;
* indented comment;
z * sqtr(y); /
not a single line comment */

The return value from stream.match will be the matched groups, so just store and read that.

Thanks, How do I access the last (second) group?

It returns exactly the same thing as the exec method:

Thanks for your note! I’m sure this is obvious to you, but I don’t see how I can align the stream with the last element of the array returned from stream.match(). I’ve tried various things but none have been successful.
Your help is greatly appreciated

var result;
if (result=stream.match(/(?:^|[;]\s*)(\*.*?);/,false)) {
  //align stream with result[result.length-1]
  return 'comment';

If you want to actually consume the matched content when it matches, don’t pass false as second argument to stream.match.

I couldn’t get stream.match to work properly so I used the following code which works fine but you could show me how to properly implement stream.match I would appreciate it.

// Match all line comments. 
    var myString = stream.string;
    var myRegexp = /(?:^\s*|[;]\s*)(\*.*?);/ig;
    var match = myRegexp.exec(myString);
    if (match!==null){
      if (match.index===0 && (stream.column()!==(match.index+match[0].length-1)) ){
        return 'comment';
      // the ';' triggers the match so move one past it to start 
      // the comment block that is why match.index+1
      else if (match.index+1 < stream.column() && stream.column()< match.index+match[0].length-1) {
        return 'comment';