Styling suggestion box

Is there a way to target the suggestion box that appears during autocomplete and style it? I want to changes the position of the suggestion box to make it appear outside the editor.
I have tried targeting “.cm-completionInfo” to give it a marginTop but it did not work. Any help on how to do this would be appreciated

The box itself uses .cm-tooltip-autocomplete.

I want to fix the postion of the suggestion box so it appears as a dropdown box with suggestions. However, the position of the suggestion box changes with cursor. Is there a way to fix the position of the suggestion box?

Probably not. That is positioned by the editor’s tooltip functionality, and the script directly sets a left/top style on the element. Where are you trying to position it?

I need to fix the suggestion Box just below the editor. I am able to position it where I want but when the cursor moves, the box also moves along with it.

Would a way to connect the autocompletion extension to your entirely custom tootlip-management extension (which would have to support the Tooltip interface) resolve this for you?

That was the route I was going for as well. However, I was able to solve this using css of .cm-tooltip itself by giving it desired top and left and making it !important so it overrides the script’s top and left