Suggestions do not show when snippet is triggered on option select.


I am using autocomplete plugin to show suggestion in my Codemirror editor. I am using following object to generate a completion:

 return {
                label: datasetLabel,       // <-------- This label is shown in dropdown
                section: 'Datasets',
                icon: DataStoreIcon,
                snippet: areBracketsPresent ? `${datasetLabel}\${}` : `${datasetLabel}[\${}]`, // <----- This is applied on selection

However when I selecting above completion, it stops suggesting next suggestions. I have to explicitly press Ctrl + space to trigger suggestions.


Here above note that I have press Ctrl + Space for triggering suggestion inside Data[]. Ideally it should have triggered suggestions when Data is selected.

Is there a way to let suggestions show automatically when a completion object with snippet is selected. Please note that this issue does not happen when I select a completion object which does not have snippet.

Any help would be appreciated here. TIA

@marijn do you have any suggestions here ?

I don’t understand what you mean by this behavior differently for snippets. Completion is activated when you type, not for other kinds of changes, and both regular completion picking and snippet insertion are non-typing changes.