Support AI assisted coding services (Copilot, Tabnine, etc...)

Recent rapid adoption of AI assisted coding services (Copilot, Tabnine, etc…) is causing developers/users to retreat to IDEs where these special features are available - rather than make use of online editors like CodeMirror.

CodeMirror should integrate with these services and allow for easy API Key configuration.

First of all, let me state how much I hate the tone of this message. Some made up bullshit prognosis “causing developers/users to retreat to IDEs where these special features are available” followed with telling us what to as if you have any bloody authority there.

Secondly, I expect the existing extension points are plenty powerful enough to implement something like this as an extension, so if you feel this is important, consider building and maintaining it.

My apologies on the tone. I should have written the message more thoughtfully. It was not my intention to tell you what you should do, but rather to say that if you agree with the prognosis (you do not), then this familiar approach should be considered (even so, “should” is a regretful choice of word). Sorry for any frustration.

That’s fair on the 2nd point, and I have seen some repos where folks have already started to extend the editor. Multiple implementations may lead to better experimentation around user experience (particularly responsiveness) for those services.

PS. Congrats on CodeMirror v6, and thanks for all of the efforts maintaining this important project!