Syntax highlighter for regular expressions


I’m already using code mirror 5 to highlight some other langues like javascript and C#. I now also want ti highlight regular expressions. I did search through the list with languages but could not find one for regular expressions… so the question is…

Is there a highlighter for regular expressions and if not what language can I use then that best matches highlighting regular expressions.


Seems this exists, but I’m not sure how well it fits what you’re doing.

Thanks, I searched the internet a lot yesterday but came across some highlighters for regular expressions but those are for very old code mirror versions.

Did not find the one you found so going to give that one a try.

I want to use it for C# regular expressions but don’t mind if the Perl regular expression engine is not 100% compatible. At the moment I have nothing and some highlighting is better than that.

Thanks again… this was exactly what I was looking for. Still have to play around with the CSS somewhat so that it matches both my light and dark modes but for the rest it is perfect

En aangezien je volgens mij een Nederlander of Belg bent … heel erg bedankt :wink: