SyntaxNode not exported by @lezer/common


I am really struggling with auto indentation and am currently ‘reverse engineering’ the lang-python to determine how it accomplishes it. However, lang-python imports contains the following import ‘import {SyntaxNode} from “@lezer/common”’ that generated an error when I tried it.

On checking my version of @lezer/common 1.1.2 it doesn’t export SyntaxNode

export { DefaultBufferLength, IterMode, MountedTree, NodeProp, NodeSet, NodeType, NodeWeakMap, Parser, Tree, TreeBuffer, TreeCursor, TreeFragment, parseMixed };

What am I missing?

Please note I was referencing lang-python from

This is a type (interface) export. You can import it in TypeScript, but not regular JavaScript.

Ahhh. Thanks. Sorry if there was an edge to my first post I was frustrated at the time.