Template literals break syntax highlighting

It looks like template literals are breaking the syntax highlighting for documents with the javascript mode.

Here’s a quick video of what we’re seeing Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Here’s a replay of the issue that can be used to inspect CodeMirror’s internals

Note: we’re on the latest version of CM 5.

Please provide an example document in which it breaks, not a link to a video (?).

Thanks. Here’s an example where the syntax highlighting breaks


Dude, really. That’s another link to some thing that’s asking me to log in, and a screen shot of a piece of code. Paste the code that fails to highlight properly into your reply and surround it by ``` markers, please.

Sorry for not sharing a clear example.

I tried pasting the code into the autocomplete example and saw that it highlighted correctly which helped me narrow the problem down to the mode which was text/typescript instead of text/typescript-jsx.