Thank you very much for Code Mirror 6!

I recently switched from Code Mirror 5 to Code Mirror 6 — and I am very happy with the new version.

The extension system is remarkable for a number of reasons. It makes the experience of coding applications with Code Mirror 6 special.

In my specific application, I need a flexible, data-configurable edit widget rather than an editor box with fixed features. The new configuration system is a perfect match for that.

But even when implementing a fixed user experience is deeply affected by the modularity of the system: Initially I was concerned about the seemingly sparse documentation. Will I be able to understand all the fine details of pulling these functions together to create my desired outcome? Will I need to ask questions and wait for answers?

To my surprise, my concerns were unfounded: When I had a question about an API feature, I just searched the Code Mirror 6 source code for use cases of that feature – and found clear, understandable “sample code” showing how these features are meant to be used. The deep modularity of Code Mirror 6 implies that quite some code inside of Code Mirror looks like the code that I want to write.

In fact, the more I see of that code, the more I am impressed. A lot of thought went into the design and, as a result things really fit together smoothly.

Thank you very much – Marijn and all CM contributors!


Thanks so much for writing this! After three years of working on this system with very little feedback, it is really great to hear that, at least for you, that design work paid off.

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