The browser is incompatible with CM5 Scroll

If Simple Scroll is used in CM5, it will behave differently in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. In Safari, it is normal, but in Chrome and Firefox, the mouse scroll to a certain location will appear once. I guess it is caused by a browser compatibility problem, but I don’t know the solution. Can you tell me how to make Chrome compatible with CM5 scrollbar?

I don’t know what this means, and I don’t see anything obviously wrong when testing these in Firefox.

When I scroll to a position, it will move up a little bit and come back to that position, and I’ll show you a video demonstration

sorry, this discussion is not support video

Does the issue also occur on the demo?

No, I was confused. I scanned the discussion and couldn’t solve my problem

I want to make the point again, the same configuration, on Chrome, when you scroll to a certain point, you scroll up a little bit, and then you go back to the origin. No problem on Safari, everything is fine

I am also unable to reproduce anything like that in Chrome. You’re going to have to describe more precisely what you are doing.