There are prompts on how to directly write styles in CSS

I am currently using Vue codemirror to import
Vue codemirror “:” ^ 6.1.1 ",
Codemirror “:” ^ 6.0.1 ",
@ codemirror/lang css “:” ^ 6.2.1 ",
I want to implement CodeMirror using the CSS editor. Currently, I can write:
Background: # ff0000;
Border: 1px solid # 00ff33;
When this happens, there are code prompts and correct display, but I don’t want to design like this. I want to remove the body and keep it in the editor:
Background: # ff0000;
Border: 1px solid # 00ff33;
The implementation also has code prompts, how should we proceed? Or is there a related library?

If you just want the highlighting to work for a set of properties, not a full style sheet, you can reconfigure the CSS language with cssLanguage.configure({top: "Styles"}) to make it parse that kind of content.