Tooltip popup on token mouseover event on CM 5.63.3

1.Does CM6 tooltip add-on can be used on CM 5.63.3.
ref: CodeMirror Tooltip Example
2. Are there any other official or non-official recommended solutions.

No. And no, there’s no generic tooltip addon for CodeMirror 5.x.

What about

when does C.M.6 is expected to be released?
Thank U

@marijn , your advice is kindly needed :slight_smile:
If there is a workaround until CM6 is released

Write your own using charCoords, I guess.

Thank u @marijn, I saw your answer about it from a couple of years ago.

But I didn’t understand, How do I get mouse hover events?
On the documentation I saw only mouse click and mouse drag events

Use the regular DOM events like mousemove to figure out when the mouse is standing still somewhere.