Tooltip position is broken after recent upgrade ?

Hi @marijn,

I recently started noticing issues with tooltip extension where the tooltip position is not correct. It starts to happening after 6.16. (Similar to tooltip positioning as fixed vs absolute in latest updates - #3 by 1mehal). I added parent : document.body and position: 'fixed' like below but position still seems to be absolute. I think I am doing something wrong.

Current issue:

Will you be able to please help me in this ?

Is your editor in a CSS transform, by any chance?

Editor is rendered in MUI’s popover component. So looking at the css I could find transform property there. React Popover component - Material UI

Can you please help me know what exactly got changed and how its affecting this ? I can make changes to my code as you suggest .

The code that added support for transformed editors does some detection of whether fixed positioning is safe to do (doing it from inside transformed DOM doesn’t work). I guess that went wrong in your setup. This patch might fix that.

However, I’m confused how absolute positioning breaks your tooltips. The only reason the library prefers fixed positioning is that absolutely positioned elements get cut off by scrollable parent elements. Since you’re adding it to the body, that shouldn’t be an issue.

Thanks ! I will try this patch. Is any version released with above patch ?

I’ve tagged @codemirror/view 6.22.3

This solves the issue. Thanks a lot ! Appreciate the help here.