Tooltips reach over editor border

I have an editor that occupies only a part of the total page. There are also a ton of hover tooltips (I really like the tooltip API in v6). However, these tooltips frequently expand farther than the edges of the editor itself – this is absolutely fine and actually makes use of the available space as much as possible.

However, especially for tooltips that contain actions, it is relatively annoying that the tooltips will close themselves if the user moves their mouse outside the editor’s area, but still inside the tooltip.

See the attached screenshot for what I mean:

(Disclaimer, I found that there was a relatively similar issue a few months ago: Fix for hover tooltip removed on hover when parent is outside of EditorView)

This isn’t how it should be working, and I don’t see this happen when I test it.

Thanks for getting back so quickly. I’ll have a look at what might be causing this.

Quick update, and admission of guilt: There were invisible elements on top of that border that I forgot about (for resizing). Turns out that I gave them a z-index: 20000 which ensured they would even overlay the tooltips, making it so that the tooltips received a mouseleave event. Lessons learned: Don’t use arbitrarily high z-indices if you’re unsure how high they should be (turns out 1 suffices in my case) and also use invisible elements with care.

Sorry for bothering you!