Types have separate declarations of a private property 'cachedDialect'.

Hi I’m using a parser in the cm instance like,

  parser: parser.configure({
    props: [

and I get

TS2322: Type 'import("cm-master/node_modules/lezer-mylang/node_modules/lezer/dist/parse").Parser' 
is not assignable to type 'import("cm-master/node_modules/lezer/dist/parse").Parser'.

The dependencies are like this:

cm@0.1.0 /cm
├─┬ @codemirror/language@0.18.2
│ └── lezer@0.13.5
└─┬ lezer-mylang@0.0.1
  ├─┬ lezer-generator@0.13.4 extraneous
  │ └── lezer@0.13.5 deduped
  └── lezer@0.13.5

I’m not sure how to fix this, any help would be appreciated!