Upgrading from CodeMirror 5

I have been using CodeMirror for forum posts on DaniWeb since 2.x

We are now on CM 5.5 and I’m trying to decide what the next steps should be.

Should we be looking at CodeMirror or ProseMirror?

Current use case:

  • Markdown editor for forum postings on a programming site
  • In-editor markdown syntax highlighting in which a lot of posts include code blocks
  • Tab support when including/indenting code within a post
  • Simple editor toolbar

What we’re looking for:

  • Better native spellcheck support, with the ability to exclude code blocks from spellcheck
  • More mobile friendly
  • Better accessibility

If you want a markdown editor that shows the actual markup, I think you’ll want to stick to CodeMirror (ProseMirror is more of a WYSIWYG-style editor). CodeMirror 6 allows native spell-checking, and it seems that it should be possible to add spellcheck=false attributes to individual lines to disable spell-checking within parts of the editor.

There’s no proper Markdown mode for CM6 yet, though, so you may want to hold off a bit.

Might it be possible to fund that development so that it could be developed sooner rather than later?

Specifically, I would need a Markdown mode capable of handling inline bold, italic, inline code, and links, and block-level code, quotes, headings, sub-headings, numbered lists, bulleted lists, and images. No need for GFM-style markup (tables and other fancy things).

There’s some discussion in this issue but nothing concrete yet. If you are interested in paying me to work on this, write me at marijn@haverbeke.nl.

I’ve emailed you :slight_smile: