using lineBlockAt(offset).height

We are using lineBlockAt(offset).height and it seems to always return the same value as defaultLineHeight, that is different from the current line height in the editor. Is there any extension to activate or something special to do to prevent from this behavior ?
Many thanks in advance for any tips.

defaultLineHeight should generally the line height in the editor. Is the line styled specially, different from other lines? Is it in the viewport or not?

lineBlockAt(offset).height returns the same value whether the line is specially styled or not, and yes the line is in the viewport. We also noticed that the height of non specially styled lines is different from defaultLineHeight.

That’s not what I’m seeing, so you’ll have to set up a reproduction script that shows it happening.

After more investigation, it appears that the value of lineBlockAt(offset).height we printed was evaluated before the viewport calculation. It is updated to the right value after viewport calculation. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for your help.