Version 5.50.0

Zip file on the website, new patches on Github.

Release Notes

Bug fixes

Make Shift-Delete to cut work on Firefox.

closetag addon: Properly handle self-closing tags.

handlebars mode: Fix triple-brace support.

searchcursor addon: Support mathing $ in reverse regexp search.

panel addon: Don’t get confused by changing panel sizes.

javascript-hint addon: Complete variables defined in outer scopes.

sublime bindings: Make by-subword motion more consistent with Sublime Text.

julia mode: Don’t break on zero-prefixed integers.

elm mode: Sync with upstream version.

sql mode: Support Postgres-style backslash-escaped string literals.

New features

Add a className option to addLineWidget.

foldcode addon: Allow fold widgets to be functions, to dynamically create fold markers.

New themes: ayu-dark and ayu-mirage.