Where can I find code responsible for editing on mobile

I have an issue with my Open Source project jQuery Terminal on mobile (android default GBoard keyboard).
In the past Codemirror was the source of inspiration for my project (so I want to thank you for making it Open Source).
I was testing my issue in Codemirror 5 and it’s even worse than my issue, but it works fine on CodeMirror 6.

The issue is with autocomplete that forces me to double press enter to type something. This works fine in CM 6.

My question is where is the part of the code responsible for editing and handling of contenteditable element?

I’ve found this article on Medium: Codemirror 6 Experiments. It points to the design document but it returns 404. Is there any documentation for the architecture of the code? It’s really hard to navigate because the entry point git repo doesn’t have any code inside. In the documentation there is only a high-level API and no details of what the code does, it’s really hard to find anything in the code. It was easy to find things in CodeMirror 5, the next version is a mystery.

In the @codemirror/view sources (mostly docview.ts, domobserver.ts, domchange.ts, and input.ts).

Installing with the script in the main repository and setting up TypeScript editor integration should give you working code navigation throughout the project.

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