Which websites are using Codemirror 6 as now?

It would be great if there was a list here.
We can also learn by looking at how they do in practice.

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Off the top of my head, I believe http://nextjournal.com/ and https://promlens.com/ are using CM6. I’m not really keeping a list, but if anyone using it in production reads this, let us know.

I use CM6 in a mac desktop app: Wordmark

Thats all? :confused:

I think we can know some of them from dependents tab in npmjs.com

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I use it in https://lyricistant.app

Code is at GitHub - wardellbagby/lyricistant: A helpful writing assistant for lyricists!


IDK what’s the app doing, but liked it.
It’s nice. Thanks.

Now I got it, It’s so funny. LOL.

Hey Jude
Don’t make it bad.

Hey food
Don’t make it bread.

playground-elements, used by Lit’s playground, was using it until they ran into a highlighting issue.

We’re using CodeMirror 6 in production with our mobile apps (Link).
EDIT: Our mobile apps have been publicly released (and they are available for free for personal use) if anyone wants to try it out.

Our desktop apps still use CodeMirror 5 because of vim mode support, but we will be looking into a migration soon.

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I know this is an old thread but I wanted to share some of my recent findings of CodeMirror 6 used in production:

React docs beta
Replit mobile

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Also the Chrome devtools are now CM6-based.


We’re now using CM6 for both mobile and desktop at Replit as of a few weeks ago :smile:

You can see my blog post on it here: Replit - Betting on CodeMirror

P.S. @lishid, we’ve open sourced a Vim keybinding extension that you can use if that’s a blocker for you: GitHub - replit/codemirror-vim: Vim keybindings for CM6. We’ve been using it in production for months now and it’s served us well. Full list of our open source initiatives in the above blog post!


I’ve built an interactive REPL for BQN programming language with CodeMirror 6 — BQNPAD. Some highlights:

  • Lezer parser is built for BQN (it’s not super strict now but precise enough to be useful for editing BQN sources)
  • A single CM6 view is used to keep REPL history and current expression.
  • REPL uses block widgets to show output inline.

Overall I had a really great experience making CM6 to be used as a foundation for a REPL (not so conventional use case).

And we’re using CM6 in Pluto! GitHub - fonsp/Pluto.jl: 🎈 Simple reactive notebooks for Julia
(Blend of Jupyter and Observablehq)

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Thank you! We’ve been using it even before the repo was moved into the replit org and I can vouch that it’s been working great!

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For our v2 release, we migrated to CM6 on Supernotes and it has been working great so far!