Which websites are using Codemirror 6 as now?

It would be great if there was a list here.
We can also learn by looking at how they do in practice.

Off the top of my head, I believe http://nextjournal.com/ and https://promlens.com/ are using CM6. I’m not really keeping a list, but if anyone using it in production reads this, let us know.

I use CM6 in a mac desktop app: Wordmark

Thats all? :confused:

I think we can know some of them from dependents tab in npmjs.com

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I use it in https://lyricistant.app

Code is at GitHub - wardellbagby/lyricistant: A helpful writing assistant for lyricists!


IDK what’s the app doing, but liked it.
It’s nice. Thanks.

Now I got it, It’s so funny. LOL.

Hey Jude
Don’t make it bad.

Hey food
Don’t make it bread.

playground-elements, used by Lit’s playground, was using it until they ran into a highlighting issue.

We’re using CodeMirror 6 in production with our mobile apps (Link).
EDIT: Our mobile apps have been publicly released (and they are available for free for personal use) if anyone wants to try it out.

Our desktop apps still use CodeMirror 5 because of vim mode support, but we will be looking into a migration soon.

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