why the codemirror6 hightlight the matched except the select

I am tried to highlight the select text in codemirror6, this is what I tried like this:

        "&": { height: "100%" },
        '.cm-content': {
            fontSize: '16px'
        '.cm-selectionMatch': {
            backgroundColor: "#A3BE8C"
        '.cm-scroller': {


this code hightlight all the matched word except the select. what should I do to make it highlight the select? Am I missing something?

th rectangle area is what I selected.

That’s how it works, intentionally. It highlights other instances of the selected text. The user supposedly is already aware of where the selection is.

ok, I see. Thank you for the response. I rethink about this feature and suggest that maybe highlight the selection area by default would be better. Your consideration are reasonable but hightlight by default maybe more intuitive. Just suggestion, it’s up to you.