Widget deletion exception in @codemirror/view:6.13.2

In @codemirror/view:6.13.2, Widget cannot be deleted directly, you need to click the left button first and then click the delete button to delete successfully.
Back to version 6.9.2, click the delete button to delete directly.

Chrome: 112.0.5615.137
Mac: 13.0
CPU: Apple M1
Code: GitHub - LengJunT/formula-editor: Low-code formula editor function verification project

“Left button” and “delete button” do not sound like things that are actually in the CodeMirror core library. Could it be that you are talking about some integration of the editor? Can this problem be described in terms of the core library?

Sorry, the problem was not described clearly. ‘Left button’ refers to the keyboard key ‘Left Arrow Key’, and ‘delete button’ refers to the keyboard key ‘Delete Key’. You can run my project and see a blue background red text widget on the first line with text content of ‘用户对象’. You can place the cursor after the widget and try to delete it. On my local machine, I cannot delete it directly using the keyboard’s delete key. I need to move the cursor left once before deleting it. The implementation code for this widget is located in directory ‘src/editor/plugin/placeholders.tsx’.

I’m sorry, I do not have time to isolate an issue from a big codebase like that. If you can reduce this to a minimal setup and run it in codemirror.net/try I can take a look.