write a specific language pack

Hi I have to write my own language pack, there are my language specifications :
my language includes raw text which is displayed as is in which are inserted pieces of code between curly brackets which display text
there are no loops for safety reasons
on the other hand there are IFs which are special instructions {IF condition} {ELSE} {ENDIF}
there are functions with names that are composed of letters, example myfunction(2,“3”)
there are arrays enclosed by [ and ] whose values are separated by commas
there are parenthesis
there are operators (arithmetic (+,-,*,/,), comparison (>, <, =, <=, >=, <>) and logical (NOT, AND, XOR, OR))
there are no variables
there are character strings surrounded by " (to escape the " we put \“, for line breaks we put \n and to escape the \ we put \\)
the language is case unsensitive
there are booleans with true and false values
finally there are integers or floating numbers ex: 2 or 3.65
an example of my language :
blabla blabla {IF myFunctionUn(“aa”,2,[“a”,2,“b”])>3} blablabla {ENDIF} {myFunctionTwo(3,5,“ee\n\n\”\”\\")}
The function names are known I would like they’re be colored and not not existing functions
Thank you for helping me to write it.
I specify that on my server I haven’t nodejs so I would it will be only browser-side js

Best regards

nobody can help me please ?

I succeeded with chatGPT help