Zero width spaces and styling of white spaces

Valued Mr. Marijn, developers and supporting users,

my person trust it’s welcome to approach here merely uninvited and to ask in approaching manner. Having been generously given your helpful and generous work, in the tool codemirror inside a dokuwiki-plugin, my person (who is a IT-language- and IT-technic-dummy, pardon here also if such question actually could be found already answered) would like to ask whether there is a possibility to “style” white-spaces, foremost zwsp’s - since working much with languages using zwsp’s as word-seperator. By default all “special” characters are shown as a red point, distinguished by a hover information. Is there a way (to separate a certain character and) to change not only the kind of symbol but also the width of the character (say nearly zero and maybe just a gray area) and if, how and where to do?
Further, would it be possible to render other white-space (like line break, tabs) symbols likewise into other kind?

Appreciation for what ever hints.
(but also like to tell that my person wouldn’t be able to give anything back for such aside of appreciation)

Hi, yes, this is possible—the specialChars and specialCharPlaceholder options are the mechanism to use for this.

Appreciation Mr. Marijn, not only for quick response. My person will try to work on with Mr. Marijns gift.