when multiple replace decorations in succession, caret breaks

I found when multiple replace decorations in succession,the caret breaks。Maybe it’s because there’s no widgetbuffer between decorations?How to fix this problem?

Should I set inclusive to true

This is on Chrome I assume? Can you say a bit more about where the cursor is when this happens, and, indeed, what the inclusive option to the decorations is?

Yes, it’s on Chrome. When I try to press ArrowLeft to move cursor between markers,the caret position is not right. But I found it’s because I only include partial basicSetup options,when I add drawSelection , it works. Are there any basicSetup options must be included?

It is recommended to use at least the extensions in minimalSetup (drawSelection, history, default keymap, and highlightSpecialChars).

Hi marijn,how to disable some default keymap,except use a high precedence